Niki Glen specializes in directing large-scale public art pieces. She has directed over 100 public works in her career, and is known for her ability to develop a rapport with the public and to spur community involvement.

The excitement of Niki’s work begins during the design phase and culminates with the celebration. All community participants, from the patrons to the participants and materials suppliers are invited to gather for the final dedication celebration. According to Niki “Public art belongs to everyone” and so she chooses to involve the public throughout her entire creative process, creating a multi-generational interactive public art.

Public participation in Niki’s work can occur through open access to the brainstorming sessions, or by involving passersby in discussion and/or execution of the project itself. Design discussions include art principles and aesthetics. This process provides the opportunity to work side-by-side with a professional public artist. The community involvement makes each piece and process unique. The quality and integrity of each work is held to the highest standards by Niki herself.

Niki Glen acts as a catalyst for community participation while simultaneously creating fine works of art. Her works will stand as a testament and a tribute to community life for generations. She is creating an interactive public art network that helps to build a better world.