• Over 40 years of experience in the field of Public Art with over 100 public projects including exterior installations, murals, 38 interior murals in public facilities such as US Post Offices, libraries, hospitals, colleges, public schools, bookstores and senior citizen centers, and large scale artwork and sculpture gardens for residential, business and corporate clients.
  • Specializing with involving the community in creating high quality works of art. Able to manage large scale complex projects, such as the Desert Botanical Garden, the Freeway Underpass (Interstate I-17) Public Art Program Project, and an Art Transit Shelter for the City of Tempe.
  • Experience utilizing a wide range of materials, mosaic, glass, metal, paint, stone, neon lighting, etc.
  • Leadership and collaborative skills, experienced Director and Lead Designer.
Murals & Public Art
2017-19 Rhythms of Nature, artist/designer, six sculptural sites with benches, hand-carved and hand- colored concrete with recycled foam interior and mixed media focal points of colored glass, glowstones, gemstones, City of Tucson and Department of Transportation, Tucson, AZ.
2016 Interconnectivity, artist/designer, exterior painted mural depicting pollinators, 4.5’ x 108’. City of Tucson Mural Program, Tucson, AZ.
2015 Prickly Pear Abundance, artist/designer, painted mural. Tucson Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project, Tucson, AZ.
2014 I am Quercus, artist/team mural on bicycle and pedestrian tunnel, University of Davis, CA.
2013 For the Birds Pillars, designer/team, three monumental columns. Community Pine Elementary, Michigan City, IN.
2009 La Luz de las Estrellas, artist/designer, handmade mosaic mural, Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ
2008 Reflections of Surprise, artist/designer, large scale bas-relief mosaic, clay, metal, tile, 12’ x 78’ Northwest Regional Library, Surprise, AZ.
2006 Elements of Discovery, artist/designer/team, nine large sculptural walls, handmade clay and fused glass mosaics, 2,400 sq ft, The Park at Spanish Ridge Courtyard (office complex), Las Vegas, NV.
Niki Glen has been creating murals and public art since 1975. Comprehensive Murals & Public Art list available upon request.
2014-2015 International Contemporary Artists Vol. IX, ICA Publishing
2007 Public Art: A World’s Eye View: Integrating Art Into the Environment.
2003 Mosaic: Techniques, Traditions by Sonia Key, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc, New York, New York.
2002 The Art of Handmade Tile by Kristin Peck, Krause Publications.
1970-2000 Numerous covers and illustration for text books and periodicals in Arizona, California, New York, Washington, DC and Wisconsin.
1984 Community Murals by Alan W. Barnet, Art Alliance Press, Philadelphia and Cornwall Books, New Mexico and London.
1982 Street Murals: The Most Exciting Cities of America, Britain and Western Europe, by Volker Barthelmeh.
Niki Glen and her work have been covered on national TV & radio and she has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.
Fellowship & Grants
A partial list of significant contributions includes: Arizona Commission on the Arts, Casa Grande Arts and Humanities Council, City of Phoenix, City of Tempe, City of Whitewater, Community Colleges, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ikea Corporation, Medtronics Corporation, The Mills Corporation, Bringing Unity to the Community: Improvement and Art Enhancement Project, Freeway Mitigation Program; I-17 Maricopa Freeway, Arizona Department of Transportation, Montana Arts Council, The National Endowment for the Arts, Phoenix Arts Commission, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, United Bank of Madison and Wisconsin Arts Council.