Our Community

Brentwood / Cavalier Neighbor Association, Tempe, Arizona
2000 -2002
4’ x 4’ (16 sf) for each panel; 3’ x 15’ x 1.5’ for the bench
clay, stone, colored concrete aggregate

Neighborhood Artworks Our-Community

The artists worked with Brentwood and Cavalier neighborhoods, communities, engineers, and city planners to design, create, and install 5 mosaic sidewalk panels, one median sculpture, and one mosaic bench. “The vision of the neighborhood association was to have an artist-designed mosaic to create a neighborhood identity and to enhance the entry for many pedestrians and bicycle riders who use this route.” The bench and median sculpture stand at the two entryways to the neighborhood. Each location has a different theme, but they all demonstrates the importance of community involvement for community enrichment- artwork that benefits the community on many levels (aesthetic, identity): Arizona Landscape located at Alamenda Dr. and Loyola Ave.- nature-inspired images; color scheme reflects Sonoran Desert colors. Music: A Universal Language located at Westlyn Dr. and Rural Rd. show desert music, water, and flowing feeling. Listen to the Birds located at Geneva Dr. and College Ave. shows birds and flowers. Flowers, Flora, and Fauna located at Cairo Dr. and College Ave. Our Community located at Balboa Dr. and College Ave. shows a pueblo with a beautiful sunset and stars. The sunset colors are in the top section and the bottom section has images made in clay workshops (houses, people, animals, leaves, sports, etc.) The Beauty Around Us located at Del Rio Dr. and College Ave. Growing Community bench located at Fairmont Dr. and College Ave.- wildlife imagery. -*project lasted 3 years with a different budget awarded each year: $4900 in May 2000; $3300 in Oct. 2001; and $6000 in Jan. 2002. -Niki designed by some neighborhood people organized community participation i.e. in Geneva Drive a handout was sent out for people to select a theme… neighborhood feedback was important… wanted feedback and participation from a street to street level. -idea is to work together.