Elements of Discovery

The Park at Spanish Ridge courtyard (office complex), 8930 Spanish Ridge Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada
approx. 9’ x 13’ each (sf hard to determine for sculpted walls)
Fused glass, handmade clay, and stucco on block
artist / designer / team

Elements of Discovery

The artwork is composed of nine sculptural walls covered with handmade clay and fused glass mosaics. The overall geometric style and pattern is influenced by early twentieth century art styles particularly Art Deco, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style, and Arts & Crafts Era. Beneath the surface of these mosaics, however, are tell-tale signs of Glen’s complex artistry: layers of images revealing the dichotomy in nature.


Using a technique in which pictures are incised behind the fused colored glass, Glen added images of birds, leaves, nature, and Las Vegas. The juxtaposition and layering of these two styles creates themes of duality that Glen finds intriguing: images from the natural world versus the man-made nature of Las Vegas; geometric walls versus organic tile and glass forms; reflection of light during the day versus the night; hot and cold; rough and smooth. The contradictions and complexities found in the layers within this piece characterize the ‘rhythm of life’ concept that Glen explores in many of her works. The idea is that opposites in nature and humanity are not contradictory, but are part of the complexity that makes us real.


Contributing artists: Helen Helwig and Janine Babour