Interconnectivity Mural

Interconnectivity Mural: City of Tucson Mural Program
Hand painted acrylic mural. Nova Color Acrylic Paint and GAC200 (Golden Artist Colors).
Dimensions of Artwork:
Height Width Depth
4.5’ 50’ 5’4”
4.5’ 50’ 4.5”
Artist: Niki Glen assisted by Janet Ritchie, Inna Rohr, Raul Hernandez


Spanning 4’5” x 50’ on both sides, Interconnectivity showcases the color blending and expanded palette of Niki Glen. In this collaborative mural, the theme of pollinators highlights the importance of nature in our world and brings some of the color and vibrancy found in nature to the urban landscape.

Inspiration for this piece came from the various pollinators found in Arizona that help to create a healthy ecosystem as well as a Martin Luther King Jr. quote about the interrelatedness of all things. This was especially fitting since the mural site is located in front of the Martin Luther King apartments. Pollination may also be the exchange of ideas and knowledge that occurs in a healthy downtown area of a university-related town. Assistants Janet Ritchie, Inna Rohr, Raul Hernandez and volunteers from the community came together to produce the final piece alongside Niki Glen.

Niki Glen Niki Glen Niki Glen   Niki Glen   Niki Glen   Niki Glen