Valley of Flowers

Oil-base enamel on Brick.
4228 sf
Bozeman, Montana.

Valley of flowers

Bozeman’s Centennial Mural, Valley of Flowers, was co-directed by Niki Glen and Mike Hoey. The mural is the symbolic history of the land and its people, and was sponsored by the Eagles Club. Located on the Eagles Club Building, the image shows the beauty and nature of the Gallatin Valley i.e. history of the town and the fertile valley.

Over 1000 images and local symbols were incorporated into the mural. Glen talked with the citizens to get an idea of what would be important to represent. Some of these images are: on the left- eagle, buffalo, Chief Red Cloud, trees, beadwork; right side- wagon train, John Bozeman surveying the area, map of the city, Opera House, wheat stalks, threshing machine; an old woman weighing past vs. present and children symbolizing the future. There was some controversy in the beginning of the project when Glen included nuclear missiles in her original sketch.

Valley of Flowers   Valley-of-the-Flowers-detail_580